Business ID 0203107-0
Privacy Policy in compliance with the Personal Data Act (523/99) section 10

1. Controller

Municipality of Kirkkonummi
Group Division
Evarstintie 2
02400 Kirkkonummi

2. Contact person responsible for data file matters

Municipality of Kirkkonummi
Group Division
Hannu Sorvari
Ervastintie 2
02400 Kirkkonummi
Tel. +358 (09) 2967 1

3. Administrator of the register

Enter Espoo Oy is responsible for the technical administration of the register on behalf of the controller. The administrator will respond to queries and feedback concerning the register within 48 hours.

4. Name of the register

The database register for the web service. The database has been built using the Stage manager tool of the Crasmanager system.  Information Security Certified by NIXU.

5. Purpose of processing corporation and operator data

The corporation and operator data are used for the purposes of maintaining, nurturing and developing customer relationships; analysing; compiling statistics; and producing, supplying and developing services.

6. Contents of the register

The register may contain the following customer data:

7. Regular disclosure of data

Data will not be disclosed to third parties without the permission of the registered, unless obliged by the law.

8. Deletion of data

Data can be deleted if demanded by the Customer or if the customer relationship ends.

9. Principles in accordance to which the data file has been secured

Enter Espoo Oy is the technical administrator of the register. The register database is located within Crasman Oy’s information security certified system.

10. Right to forbid the disclosure of data

The Customer has a right to forbid the disclosure and procession of their data for the purposes of direct advertising and other forms of marketing.