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The museum farmyard at Gesterby is located about half a kilometer north of Kirkkonummi church. Some of the old farm buildings have been preserved, such as the barn and some sheds. The main building burned down when the Porkkala area was returned to the Soviet Union 60 years ago. Later additions to the area are a windmill from the farm Gammel-Tina in Masala and a loft-shed from Getberg.

A part of the collection of country furniture of Kirkkonummi historical society has been placed in the attic portion of Gesterby barn. The objects present the time period when people were self-sufficient and produced most of their necessities at home. There were no tractors at the farms at that time, so farming was done manually and with horse-drawn equipment.

In the museum collection there are old carts, sledges and carriages, but also household objects and tools, as well as the resort’s oldest fire extinguisher.

The collections are shown in the attic of the barn, on Sundays at 12 – 14 pm in June and August except for Midsummer. Guided tours at other times can be arranged.

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