Spending time in nature is good for your health, as many studies have shown. However, you should consider a few things during these exceptional times.

It is advisable to avoid the most popular destinations like Porkkala, Linlo Island and the recreation area of Meiko. These places are known people magnets, and where there’s many people, there’s also an increased risk of COVID-19 contagion. We’ve put together some tips for you on what to do in the time of corona in Kirkkonummi. You can go for a trip outdoors alone or with your family at the most.

Have you already seen the corona information provided by the Finnish Government ( or the coronavirus instructions by Parks & Wildlife Finland ( Please follow the instructions and regulations set forth by the authorities!

The risk of contagion is minimal when you are moving outdoors, provided that you follow some important rules. Stay away from popular campfire sites to avoid human contacts. For instance, dry toilets at those campfire sites are challenging to keep extra hygienic in the time of corona. You can prepare and pack your lunch at home so that you can eat it in your privacy at some nice place further away from other people. Give room to other hikers and remember the safe distance!

When you know the rules, you can enjoy the great outdoors without worries. Here are our tips

Go birdwatching

Spring is the time for birdwatching! In Kirkkonummi, there are many bird-rich places, and for example, the canebrake-covered shores of Medvastö-Stormossen are a great place for birding especially during the migration period. The bird-watching platform of Morsfjärden is located on the north shore of Medvastsundet on the bay of Smedjeviken. It can accommodate 6 to 8 people at a time.

For the whole family: the Kaarniaispolku nature trail on the outskirts of Nuuksio

The 2.7 kilometre-long Kaarniaispolku trail is suitable even for kids. The trail starts from the parking place of the Veikkola industrial area in Kirkkonummi. Get to know the majestic spruce tree copses and lichen-covered cliffs, and gaze upon the marshlands from the duckboards of Haaversopakko. The nature trail is a perfect place for studying how diverse nature is and looking for the signs of spring!

Historic sights of Siuntio – the burial mounds of Krejansberget

Go to see some ancient remains from the Bronze Age at Krejansberget in Siuntio! It’s quite a climb, but the view is awesome at the top. There are five ancient burial mounds in the region, and three of them are easily visible on the top. A long time ago, this place used to be a cliff by the sea. On a sunny day, you can take your lunch up top with you!

Get to know your nearby forest with the help of springtime follow-up

How much time do we normally spend in our nearby forest? Not much, as it may turn out: we probably settle for taking the dog out or quickly have our daily running exercise. Why not take some time to really explore your nearby forest! What kind of trees can you find? Or what type of plants? Your nearby forest is a great place to follow what happens in the spring!

Get and stay fit on a bicycle

Explore the landscapes and roads in your region on a bicycle. Get your exercise and fresh air at the same time. There are many nice bicycle routes in Kirkkonummi, both in the city, in the countryside and by the sea. Pick your route and go on an adventure!

Enjoy the atmosphere of the archipelago

You can enjoy the scenery by the sea, but pick a lesser-known location. Kirkkonummi is partly demarcated by the sea, so there’s plenty of shoreline to explore also outside the Porkkalanniemi Cape. Have you been to the island of Bylandet or walked on the beautiful nature trail of Järsö, for example?


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