Cottages and villas

Villa Sarfvik is located on the seafront, in the peace of Espoo and Kirkkonummi border, just 20 minutes' drive from central Helsinki. The location is easily reached by car, bus and even by boat to our dock. Villa Sarfvik offers approximately 600 m2 premises for various corporate and private events.

The venue is divided into two floors. Upstairs there is a meeting and banquet space, which provides space for up to 120 people; business meetings, relaxed gatherings or dinners with beautiful scenery from the large terrace to the sea. In addition, there is a downstairs lounge with a large swimming pool and sauna area.

You can bring your own drinks and food to Villa Sarfvik. Through us you can also get a delicious catering and rent tableware.

Contact Information

Sarfvikinpolku 12, 02450 Kirkkonummi
0207 349 940