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About us

We are Shlomit and Pablo, together we are the hands behind the handmade food. Each of us has had quite a few stations in life before we ended pursuing together our passion for cooking and sharing the flavours, traditions and soul that one discovers when exploring regional cuisines.

Shlomit grew up in a suburb of Tel Aviv where she could see the Mediterranean sea every time she looked out of the living room window. Later on she went to study in Southern Germany and lived there 8 years before moving to Finland.

Pablo is from Ecuador and has traveled throughout Latin America collecting different experiences and flavours. He later studied and lived in North America before moving to Finland.

The world is a small place. Even though we come from such different corners of the globe we met here in Finland, discovered by chance that one of Shlomit’s childhood friends is an acquaintance of Pablo, and the rest is history (served on your plate).


We also cater private and business events of various kinds and sizes in Kirkkonummi and its surroundings as well as the whole capital region.


Syväjärvi (Upinniementie 230), 02480 Kirkkonummi
050 5939124

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